=The CNC Smart Projection Switchable Film comes with fantastic feature of projection screen and feature of light diffusion. Combining switchable privacy feature and projection screen feature creates a very useful Switchable Projection Screen.

=A perfect application for Switchable Projection Screen is store advertising on windows. The Switchable Projection Screen can be switched between clear and opaque. When power on, the viewer can see through the CNC Smart Projection Switchable Film like a regular window. When power off, the user can project an advertising program, presentation, video, TV or movie on it.

=Projected image on the window or film can be seen from both sides. The CNC Smart Projection Switchable Film provides an image that has absolutely wide viewing angle and VAI brightness. Since a micro spherical scattering mechanism of liquid crystals is utilized, it does not lose any color from the projector, therefore, it presents the highest quality of true view effect. The applications and associated benefits of the CNC Smart Projection Switchable Film are ready for designers with the imagination and creativity.

=The advantage of the CNC Smart Projection Switchable projection film:
1-Double sided, Zero degree viewable angle and VAI (Viewing Angle Independent) brightness.
2-Projection power consumption.
3-When a building is covered with CNC Smart Projection Film and projected at evening, the any part of entire building wall becomes a projection screen. In daytime, people inside a building still can enjoy the nature light and privacy with saving energy.

Beveling Edging Machine Straight-Line Machine Inside and outside the circle Internal and external circular

If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

GLASS MANUFACTURER MAIN PRODUCT                                  

Product Features:
This machine is a nine-head bevel and bottom grinding machine, it can complete rough grinding and fine grinding in one time, the polished effect is similar to a mirror surface, with accurate ground angles. Control system uses PLC control,automatic,manual conversion.Man-machine interface clearly shows that the glass thickness,width and angle of hypotenuse,and the remaining glass thickness and various parameters,such as proceeing speeds,transmission speed using variable
frequency adjustment.
Chain plates are made of thicker steel plates and the slide gibs are made with a number of special processing techniques with such features as superior abrasion resistance, deformation resistance, and stable operation etc. The motor of the machine has a solid body, high precision, low-power consumption, suitable for beveling and milling processing of large quantities of glass parts.


Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
ZM9325-45°glass straight edging machine adding multi-level edging function than conventional machine,i.e. edging glass ranging from 45°to 90°degree base line.


Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
The machine is suitable for grinding peripheral edge such as pencil,OG flat edge with arrises,and bevel of different shape glassby equipping different kinds of wheels, It used shaping-grinder to be grinded and polished,and carl grind high-accuracy,high-quality glass.It provided withsteplees speed variator regulating the speed of processing.  

Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
The machine is suitable for grinding two straight-line edges of furniture glass,architecture glass ,and electrical applianceglass and So on ;it has characters of rapid peed ,high brightness .the machine  adopts high precision transmission structure with two linear guiding bars and two ball bearing guide screw.It is equipped with PLC system on the electric control part. It fixed superior man-machine interface screen operation system.

 Grinding head distribution


Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
ZNWM1320 is applied for processing interior&exterior circular edges,elliptical and uneonventional-shape edging machine with dual modes of manual and pneumatic operations.
Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
ZDYM1320 glass shape edging machine is suitable for processing perimeter and bevel edges of round and oval shaped glass. It uses satellite wheel for rotation, the wheel rotation speed can be adjusted during work. This machine can also be used for semi-auto grinding of simple special shaped glass. When grinding peripheral edges, it can use three grinding wheels for coarse and fine grinding and polishing. When grinding bevel edges, it can use a bowl shaped grinding wheel, the grinding head can be tilted back, and the bevel angle can be adjusted for end face grinding.

 Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
The machine is adopted automatic cleaning and dryness for glass and lens in diverse thickness in horizontal thickness in horizontal transmission with 8 brush pole cleaning and 6 sponge absorbing;strong hot wind dryness system.Automatic-controlled temperature and feeding speed.Specifications of ZYX cleaning machine such as:ZYX500、ZYX800、.ZYX1200、ZYX1600、ZYX2500

 Main techno logy parameter

Product Features:
Equipped with two motors for driving two sand belts to process glass edges.Manual operation,the arris grinding can be finished swiftly.Suitable for glass doors,widows and the glass before tempering.

 Main techno logy parameter


 Beveling Edging Machine


   Straight-Line Machine


   Round Edging Machine


   Inside and outside the circle


   Internal and external circular


   Double Edging Machine


   Washing & Drying machine


   Abrasive Trimming


   Sand Spraying Machine


   Laminating machine


   Fillet Machine


   Drilling Machine


   Cutting Process Line

Address: Lunjiao Industrial Road (200 meters to the east of State Highway 105), Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province 
P.C: 528308    QQ:294872678
TEL: +86-757-27335268
FAX: +86-757-27335263


If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

Foshan Shunde Zhengyi Glass Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in producing glass deep processing equipment, with rich experience accumulated in twelven years of production, strong technical force, and excellent processing equipment.
The company is located in the center of the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta, it is only15 kilometers away from Foshan City, 30 kilometers away from Guangzhou, and its transportation is very convenient.At present, the products of the company include: beveling machine series, straight edge machine series, special shape machine series, cleaning machine series, drilling machine series and other glass deep-processing equipment of all kinds of varieties and specifications, it can also specifically design customized products according to the specific requirements of users: Wide beveling machines, ultra-small glass piece edge milling machines, special shape grinding machines and scalloped edge grinding machines and so on. Its products have good quality and reliable performance.
“developing by technology, Integrity and responsibility.” is the company’s business tenet. All of our products are made under this tenet in each procedure, from design, manufacturing, to services. Users’ need is our motive power; customer satisfaction is the best assessment to us, promoting the development of the industry is the social return of Zhengyi Machinery.

Tempering Furnace Glass Drilling Machine Glass Washing Machine

If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

GLASS MANUFACTURER MAIN PRODUCT                                   

SFZM3625B AUTOMATIC HORIZONTAL GLASS STRAIGHT LINE FOUR SIDES EDGER (includes grinding bottom edges),is a professional processing equipment and suitable for architectural glass,insulated glass,complex specification but single white glass and LOW-E glass.Glass is being transfered and fixed by vacuum sucker in belt-type before grinding edges to avoid scratches or surface identation,which can solve the chamfering & edges-grinding problem of LOW-E glass,the machine also can do film weeding while changing wheels.

       The machine is equipped with human-computer interface,PLC control system,12 spindles servo motors control system,select working mode of three functions(chamfering,grinding,film weeding),the speed of chamfer angle can reach 25 m/min,the speed while chamfering angle & grinding edges simultaneously can reach 20m/min,it can identify glass size automatically and efficiently,and load different specification and thickness glass automatically and continuously without waiting and manual adjustment,save space and energy of electricity & water,low cost of grinding wheels and human resource,which can be equipped with cutting machine units,automatic loading table and unloading table,glass washing machine and furnace and other equipments to form automatic glass processing machine units,it is one of the best choices in this process field with high processing precision,high efficiency and high configures for architectural insulated glass,curtain glass,door and window glass and laminated glass etc.


The new forced convection heating tempering furnace makes a great improvement in efficiency, energy saving and
glass quality. It syncretize two advanced convection technology perfectly which includes a number  of  international
advanced technology. It has unique excellence in heating energe saving, tempered flatness and symmetrical stress.


Glass Automatic Cutting Machine units are the latest product developed by our company according to the market demands integrated domestic and foreign advanced technologies. The machine units compose of CNC Glass Cutting Machine, Glass Automatic Loading Table and Glass Break out table. It applies Japanese Yaskawa servo system and Italyian controller and features convenient operation, wide application, high cutting speed, precise cutting size, fast, stable and accurate start and brake. It applies Philips computer and Italy popular glass layout software to insure best input mode and layout. The machine units have fully automatic operation for glass taking, sending, cutting and breaking with high production efficiency, low labor intensity which is particularly suitable for mass production.


This product is consisted of a SSZM4500T straight line double edger with twenty wheels, a SSZM2500T straight line double edger with twenty-two wheels and a 90°transfer table .PLC control system sets processing parameters via interface ,and finishes processing at one time. This product has stable structure, precise and smooth transmission system, the transmission belt drive adopts strong power and frequency conversion motor to control speed, constant power, constant rule output and advanced equipment to control, high polishing efficiency. It is the best matched equipment of large batch of furniture and decorated glass edge production, and can be matched with laminated, printing, tempered glass production line etc.


This product is composed of two straight line pencil double edgers(each equipped with 10 wheels including safety angle) and one straight auto-shift table. The complex width can be ordered by the clients requestment, such as 2520model, 2515model, 1510model. Adopting PLC control system. Seting the parameter on the interface to control the processing width and speed. High density double straight line guide and double ball screw rod transmission structure and control system ensure the size precision. It can process the thin glass(thickness:2.8-8mm). It is featured with high edging speed and high transfer efficiency and suitable for industry glass deep-processing. It can be equipped with washing machine, screen printing line and tempering line. It is the high efficiency expert of the solar energy glass edging grinding.


SSDJ15 Double edger NC angle grinding machine is the latest high-tech product developed by Suntech according to market demands. It adopts Schneider servo system to achieve X 、Y axis position control in both directions, two axis linkage. Gliding of grinding seat head holder adopts double straight line rolling guide and double ball screw transmission, to achieve steady moving speed and eliminate moving gap, reduces resistance and abrasion and ensures repeated positioning accuracy. Setting the process parameters through the interface of PLC control system, then it will finish a complete process at one time. Transmission belt drive with frequency motor to control speed, constant power, constant torque , stable and reliable.

 This product has a stable and solid structure, a accurate fluid drive system, high-profile control system. It has a reliable system, and high precision of processing.It solves the glass processing problems that the pencil corners size are different, circular curve is not smooth enough and the low production efficiency. It is especially suitable for the mass production of industrial glass, photovoltaic solar glass and furniture glass.


SWZ115B/125B FULL-AUTOMATIC HORZONTAL SINGLE HEAD DRILLING MACHINE have adopts NC system ( PLC + touch screen ) to control . Glass automatic transfer , automatic position itself and automatic drilling have realize by AC servo system .This machine can working double sides and two shafts at the same time .The velocity modulation for the drilling motor have use three levels belt manner to process , That machine has high drilling precision, accurate size , efficiency , can with double edger , washing machine and other processing machine consisting of automation assembly. That is an ideal equipment of glass drilling for the industrial and construction glass .


SZM8325A\SZM9325 Glass Straight line edging machine is designed for grinding straight line flat  edging and 45°arris of different sizes and thickness. SZM9325A can process straight line and 45°edge. Coarse grinding, refine grinding, polishing, and angle-making can be completed in a process. It’s speed can be widely adjusted by its stelpless regulator. Speed alteration is very smooth. In grinding operation, feeding  and operation speed can be adjusted at random. Front rails can be adjusted to fit varied thickness of  processed glass. And it is featured in advanced structure, high precision, easy handling, and high efficiency, it is one of indispensable equipment for glass procession. (SZM9325P and SZM9325AP adopt PLC control system)


SXM261B is processed with two diamond wheels, and base modification with one wheel,refining with three wheels,polishing with threes.The grinding speed is regulated by a stepless device.And it adopts pneumatic polishing.This is an ideal machine with the characteristics of easy operation and Maintenance which is an improvement of the previous products turned out by our company.


This machine is designed for grinding irregular peripheries and hypotenuses on flat glass. The processed glass is adsorbed onto a vacuum sucker. A spinning disc or an independent satellite disc, which is driven by an auxilliar motor enables the grinder to work moveably on irregular edges of flat glass in a diameter between 700 and 2100mm, or 100 and 700mm. The speed of the spinning disc is adjustable. This machine can also perform semi-grinding on simple-shaped irregular glass. When grinding peripheries, coarse grinding, refine grinding, and polishing are alternatively done by three grinders. When grinding hypotenuses, the angle of the grinder on the bowel-shape wheel can be obliquely adjusted to fit the ground angle for grinding. (Technological training will be provided for free when purchasing machines product by our factory)


SPS25P automatic sand-blasting machine is equipped with three automatic sand-blasting guns, it is controlled by the program, is capable of automatic continuous sand blasting on glass of various sizes  with fine and even effects, so it is suitable for the processing of sand blasted glass in large scale. The machine is also equipped with one manual sandblasting gun, which can be used for sand blasting of single piece.

The machine is equipped with dust-removing device, which can automatically collect dust produced  in the process of sand blasting, thus making the operation area clean.


SX2500B/SX1600B is an improved design according to the customer’s different requirement. The entrance has stainless steel gutter, rubber stick which can realize self washing function. The washing system has high pressure jet which wet the glass’s surface and increases the washing effect. Collocated three brush stick, two of the scrubbing brush in front can cylinder step up, the third fluff brush can washing the general plating film, LOW-E glass and sun plating film glass. Dryer system adopts high pressure blower and specialties design’s blower equipment which can safely dry glass surface and side. The top carriage of the washing part and blower can whole rise and fall. The maximum of the inner opening is 450mm. The thickness of the glass can reach 30mm. It can be adjusted and observed exactly as the digital display of glass’s thickness. Glass transmission adopts the frequency timing which is easy controlled. That is a best choice of double edge production line, color glaze line, laminated glass production line, safely glass production line and etc. The special washing requirement and additional function can make by order.We can offer the high efficient washing and drying machine which speed is up to 12meter/min according to the customer’s requirement.

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Tempering Furnace
Glass Automatic Cuttin…
Glass Straight Line Do…
Glass Straight Pencil …
Solar Glass Production…
Glass Double Edger NC …
Glass Drilling Machine
Glass Straight Line Ed…
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Glass Shape Bevelling …
Glass Automatic Sandbl…
Glass Washing Machine
Export Dept:+86-757-29997799-337
Sale Dept:+86-757-29997799-829/826/335
Add:The Middle of Lunjiao industrial Road Shunde District Foshan City Guangdong Province.

If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

Suntech Machinery Co., Ltd. is located on Lunjiao Industry Avenue, Shunde, Foshan. Close to No. 105 National Highway, it is only one hour to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, two hours to Zhuhai Airport and two hours to Hong Kong by ferry. The location is easily accessible, close to hotels and restaurants, and enjoys favorable business conditions.
   The Company covers an area of 110,000 square meters and has been in the glass processing machinery business for over 20 years. So far, it has designed and manufactured such cold and hot processing equipment as four-side edger , cutting machine, double edger, full-automatic horizontal drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, angle grinding machine and forced convection tempering furnace for both domestic and overseas markets. These products are widely used in small glass houses, large comprehensive glass processing factories and float glass production line post processing projects for the processing of building safety glass, furniture glass, home appliance glass, art glass, PV solar glass, etc.
   The Company is the first in the industry to adopt assembly line technology, where the standard production further reduces product errors, enhances consistency, and improves overall performance. In response to the fast development of the glass processing industry and the rising requirement on quality control and productivity, the Company has developed complete production units to further lower labor intensity, save labor cost and reduce glass scratch and reject rate during production. This will benefit the user by higher product quality and optimized human resources.
   Apart from a strong R&D team, the Company also boasts of an excellent after-sale team and has set up sales offices in major cities in China and developed distributors in many countries and regions.In order to provide customers with quick and convenient services, Guangdong Xinhai¡¯an Machinery Co., Ltd., has always adhered to its tenet to win over customer loyalty by sincerity, perseverance, philanthropy, considerate service and confidence, and is dedicated to provide customers with highly cost effective quality equipment.

Коли деякі клієнти обробки багатошарове скло з плівкою EVA прошарок,

Аналіз бульбашки з багатошарового скла (Smart Glass) з плівкою прошарок EVA

Пітер Шин /

+ + Що люди можуть думати, коли вони стикаються з бульбашками
Коли деякі клієнти обробки багатошарове скло з плівкою EVA прошарок,
з’являються бульбашки всередині ламінованого скла, люди завжди будуть
думати таким чином:

1-фільм EVA прошарок я замовив в минулий раз, не було бульбашок
проблема, чому в цей раз бульбашки виходить, що виразно причина якість
фільму прошарок EVA.

2-Деякі клієнти стикаються з цією ситуацією. Може бути, вони не
використовують EVA фільм прошарок дуже багато, тому вони не закінчити
один рулон плівки прошарок EVA протягом короткого періоду. Вони
використовували дві третини з рулону плівки EVA прошарок, і через
декілька тижнів вони повертаються використовувати ліву частину рулону.
Але на цей раз бульбашки виходять, вони дуже збентежений. Чому ж рулон
плівки EVA прошарок має різні якості?

3-Some клієнт може просто змінити новий прошарок EVA фільм
постачальником і бульбашок виходить. Навіть їх новим постачальником
сказати їм, що вся справа в обробці, вони б не повірили йому, вони
думають, що це, звичайно, проблема якості вашої EVA фільм прошарку,
тому що EVA фільм прошарком з моїх старих постачальників не мають
цього міхури проблеми.

+ + Загальні причини для Bubbles
Багато виробників ламінованого скла мають неправильне уявлення про
причини бульбашок проблем. Ось реальна чому:

1-Перша ситуація: температура занадто висока, може бути, більше, ніж
160 градусів, що призведе до EVA та інші сполуки, щоб зламати і
створити газу. Таким чином, це просто знижуючи температуру, і все буде
в порядку.

2-друга ситуація: температура в печі не середній, який означає, що
деякі частини скла, жаркіше, ніж інші. Таким чином, деякі частини EVA
фільм прошарок розтане і закінчити поперечних зв’язків реакцію в той
час як інші частини фільму EVA прошарок ще не розтанув, який буде
переривати пилососом і викликають бульбашки. У цій ситуації, ми
пропонуємо вам змінив ламінування машини.

3-третьої ситуації: вакуумна машина стара або вакуум здатність не
досить добре. Якщо вакуумна машина стара, продовжити його. Якщо вакуум
здатність не є достатньо потужним, намагайтеся купувати нову.

4-чотири ситуації: вологість повітря висока. Вологу в повітрі у вашому
регіоні змінилася, яке легко викликати EVA фільм прошарок вологої,
коли він надає в повітрі. Волога у відкритий космос фільм прошарку
призведе до того, бульбашки. Хоча фільм EVA прошарок менш чутливий до
вологи в порівнянні з плівкою ПВБ. Але якщо вологи плівки EVA прошарок
надто висока, бульбашки будуть також виходити.

Деякі клієнтові відкрити упакований одного рулону плівки EVA прошарок,
і не використовувати його в один час. А ліва частина фільму прошарок
EVA буде вбирати вологу в повітря і викликають бульбашки.

5-п’ять ситуацій: різні прошарки EVA фільм постачальник має іншу
формулу для фільму EVA прошарок, так що якщо ви зміните EVA
постачальником ФІЛЬМ прошарок, необхідно настройці параметрів обробки
відповідно до EVA власності прошарку ФІЛЬМ постачальника.

+ + Micro Причини Bubbles:
1-невигадливість загартоване скло погано.

– Як вам відомо, загартоване скло є менш простим, ніж плоске скло.
Таким чином, ви повинні вибрати компанію, яка виробляє кращі
загартованого скла.

– З простотою загартованого скла гірше, ніж листове скло, ви повинні
використовувати товщі прошарок EVA плівки для загартованого скла.
Взагалі кажучи, загартоване скло повинне бути ламіновані, принаймні
0,76 мм товщини прошарку EVA.

– Ламінат менше шарів “пре-ламіноване скло” в кремнії сумку за один
раз. Якщо ви ламінату занадто багато шарів “пре-ламіноване скло” в
кремнії сумку в один час, пилососити не буде працювати ідеально і
викликають бульбашки.

– Якщо ви ламінованих шматочків “до багатошарових стекол” в той же
час, поставити “до багатошарових стекол” на тканину, яка допоможе
вакуум, і тканина повинна охоплювати вакуумні отвори, щоб
переконатися, вакуумні отвори не печаткою силіконові подушки.

2-Переконайтеся, що мішок кремнію протікає.

– У середньому кажучи, сумки кремнію можуть бути використані для 2 або
кобила років. Але перевірити кремнію мішок, якщо ваше ламінованого
скла мають пухирці.

– Перевірте герметичність пряжку краю мішка кремнію запечатаний
прекрасно при обробці багатошарове скло з плівкою прошарок EVA.

3-Це занадто рано, щоб розмістити ламінування скла з печі,
Температура багатошарове скло і раніше дуже високий, і фільм EVA
прошарок ще тане і реагування. Коли ламіноване скло остигає,
розплавлений прошарок EVA плівка стискається, і фільм EVA прошарок не
може повністю заповнити прогалину між двома стеклами, так що бульбашки
виходять в краях.

4-Ще занадто рано, щоб зупинити пилососом.

І перехресної реакції посилання плівки прошарок EVA не повністю
закінчена і стабільною. А також кремній сумка буде смоктати ж повітря
назад в сумку, які викликають бульбашки. Таким чином, взагалі кажучи,
не зупинятися пилососом, поки температура багатошарового скла нижче 45

Примітка: Завжди пам’ятайте, ви поклали провід мережі на пилосос
отвір, щоб переконатися, вакуумування не зупинити багатошарового скла
на отвір.

+ + Case Study: бульбашки з багатошарового скла з плівкою EVA прошарок

Ми бачили ситуацію таким чином: Bubbles виходить в ламінованого скла.
І ми перевіряє всі деталі пилососом і пилососом, безумовно, не
Але бульбашки все ще виходить в ламінованого скла. І бульбашки
регулярно і на лінії.
Нарешті ми зрозуміли, що міхур ліній право на труби опалення.

Таким чином, ми знизили температуру і зробила тест. Тоді не було
бульбашок виходить, але деяка частина багатошарового скла не дуже

Отже, ми знаємо причину:
Тому що труби опалення перебувають під сумку кремнію, коли ламінування
скла, частина з ламінованого скла права на труби опалення перебувають
у високій температурі. І температура всередині духовки не перебуває в
Пам’ятайте, що при дуже високій температурі, сополімеру і з’єднання
будуть руйнування і виробництво газу, яке може викликати бульбашок
усередині ламінованого скла.
Так що краще з вас може поговорити з EVA ламінування виробника духовки
Скло змінити печі.

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【1】 Продукт CNC-Force ® EVA INERLAYER ДЛЯ АРХІТЕКТУРИ багатошарове скло
【2】 Продукт CNC-Smart ® шикарний фільм на недоторканність приватного
життя перемикаються GLASS
【】 Продукту 3 CNC-Shield ® ПВБ прошарку ДЛЯ АВТОМОБІЛЬНОГО лобового скла
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Painted Glass Machine Engraved glass Carved Art Glass three dimensional effect glass

If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

GLASS MANUFACTURER MAIN PRODUCT                                  
Bead light

Fashion ic

Fashion el


Flower in

Painted Glass
Machine Engraved glass
Carved Art Glass
three dimensional effect glass
High Light Transmittance Glass
Hand Carving Glass
Colored Glass
Background Wall Glass
Sliding Door Glass 2012
Film corved glass

Address:  Glass industrial base, Tengzhou City, Shandong, China
National free telephone :400 -0632-688
Tel :+86-632 -3913088    3913099
Fax :+86-632 -2658788

If you are looking for any glass products in China, or need any help of glass(specially laminated glass, smart glass) in China, just send an email to [ ] , and you will get the answers of what you need in 24 hours. To learn more, please go to .

Tengzhou TechHi Glass Co., Ltd. is a collection of glass sculpture, glass sliding door production, glass manufacture, glass materials sales, technology training and a variety of technology transfer. It is one of the large-scale private enterprises.

Our main products are: DV color film plates, car carved, ice, sand carving, fine carved, embossed, oil sands, clouds carved, vertical Lottery mirror glass, tempered photo glass, ultra-light white bead paint series, frosted glass, double-process paint, dual technology satin, silk screen glass, art glass and other high-middle and low grade art glass. 

The company built two large glass material supermarkets in Xuzhou and Tengzhou glass cites. Its market covers all the state. Its main products: glass wall corner, glass paints, glass film, crystal column, glass stick, spray equipments, accessory, all kinds of consumptive materials.

Tenghai Glass Engraving Machinery Factory was founded in 2006, covers an area of 50Mus; the annual output value is more than 2000 million, involving more than art glass machinery and equipment category. The main products: laser blasting machine screen printing machine laminated glass furnace vertical washing machine engraving machine carving motorcycle painting machines.