Cautions of EVA film safety gazing vacuuming machine

The prevention of injury, should take the following:
For equipment operators should be subject to induction training, with equipment operation skills, be able to correctly understand this statement and other random information.
The operator to enter the workplace should wear insulated shoes, do not wear loose clothing style.
And the operator to wear protective gloves to prevent hand touching glass and glass-plastic folder which has not been fully released after cooling.
When heating and vacuum process work, don’t put hand on the door of vacuum pump, to avoid high-temperature hot.
The interlayer film materials to be processed should not release toxic, and irritating smell of gas. Otherwise, there should be adequate protection measures to prevent inhalation of these harmful gases, such as to exhaust harmful gases into the appropriate place.
When open the door of the furnace, in order to avoid excessive inhalation of the odor release, you should appropriate wear masks.
Take-off and landing with forklift loading and unloading of glass should be careful not to hand on the rope and the rope round.
When cooling fan working, don’t put hands on the cooling fan.
High maintenance to pay attention to safety, take prevention measures to prevent the fall. Care staff if necessary.
The operation of the collision is to be careful to pay attention to avoid the hook. hook loading construction should remove to the highest position
In order to avoid loading and unloading by forklift fork arm tripping over, don’t use loading and unloading forklift truck, the fork arm should be moved to the lowest position. At the same time, should also be noted the lower car to prevent tripping.
Equipment containing asbestos insulation materials, insulation materials in the replacement or removal of equipment at end-of-life, measures should be taken to wear appropriate masks, protective clothing and gloves and work shoes, to avoid direct contact and inhalation of asbestos dust.